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The retirement benefit solution for the legal profession.
To make the benefits easier to understand we have simplified the detail in this website. The website is for information purposes only and does not supersede the Rules of the LPF or the insurer’s policies. In the event of there being a discrepancy, the Rules of the LPF or the insurer’s policies will prevail. For a copy of the Rules and/or policies, please contact the LPF Administrators.
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Provident fund   | Employer and member contributions
Here is the member leaflet
Here is the member joining form
Here is the nomination of beneficiary form

Choice 1 for employee and director members
Employer contributions: 5% or 10% of member’s Fund salary
Member contributions: No contribution or 5% of member’s Fund salary

Choice 2 for employee
director and partner members.
Employer contributions: 5%, 7.5%, 9%, 10%, 12.5%, 15% of member’s Fund salary
Member contributions: No contribution


  1. The employer contributions to the provident fund (retirement benefit) are compulsory.
  2. Fund salary is defined as all or part of the member’s basic annual salary.
  3. Fund salary can also be the percentage of the member’s total cost of employment.
  4. A partner’s Fund salary is the partner’s proportionate share of profits as declared by the employer.
  5. The employer’s contributions are tax deductible up to certain limits. Current departmental practice by the South African Revenue Service is to allow a deduction of up to 20% of the member’s retirement funding income.
  6. Currently, members contribute on an after-tax basis. Consequently, when a member resigns from employment, his or her own contributions are paid out tax-free.   

AVCs are nominated as a Rand amount and can either be paid by the member or the employer or both parties. The advantage of paying AVCs is that a member's final retirement benefit is enhanced. No additional administration fees are levied on these contributions.

If the member is temporarily absent from work without pay, his or her contributions can be suspended for up to 24 months. The absence can be due to study leave, maternity leave etc. The premiums for the risk benefit(s) will continue to be paid by the employer during this period.

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